About Opakuma

I am a Melbourne girl and mother of an amazing son with Aspergers Syndrome.  My love of all things handmade began early thanks to my exceptionally talented mum who was not only a beautiful sewer but could turn her hand to many and varied handmade projects.  I have many cherished memories of sitting with mum doing our handicrafts together.

As I grew older, my love of travel also blossomed.  I have been lucky enough to travel extensively on my own but also later, we have experienced many amazing adventures together as a family.  I always dreaded packing, especially for my son, who is very particular with his things and needs to ensure everything has to have its ‘own spot’.  It was this combined love of travel and handcrafting, together with the need to be organized that drove me to start Opakuma – a range of quality fun, functional and versatile products designed by me right here in Melbourne.

My range of products reflects my passion for quirky, useful things – just a bit different from what you would typically see in stores and has been developed based on much personal experience of not being able to find ‘just the right’ item for my needs.

Happy shopping

P.S. Opakuma = possum in Hawaiian – (Possum being my childhood nickname & Hawaii, my most favourite destination) … both very special to me.

Wine Bottle Cover - Women's Body Dreaming-Blue